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Hi, if you are a fragrance fanatic, we’re already friends!

Candles are first about fragrance! We fragrance fanatics notice fragrances. We are charmed by unique and wonderful smells. We are fascinated by great perfumes, colognes, after shaves, lotions, and bath products. We are drawn to the enticing, appetizing aromas of foods, enjoying the smells as well as the tastes. The fragrances of flowers, plants, and nature fascinate us. We notice!

That’s why our Pure & Simple fragrance selection keeps evolving. As we discover and develop fragrances, we keep only those our customers love most, so our “formulary” gets better every year. Your candle choices now include 36 fragrances, with choices for special moments, moods, places, events and occasions.

Each fragrance in our formulary has a story. All evolved through trials and client feedback. Our most popular fragrances are complex blends that seem delicious yet often you cannot say why. Even fragrances with simple names like “Orange Vanilla” are more than a simple blend, using soothing underlying fragrances to highlight the experience of orange as “sweet and juicy” and the experience of vanilla as “fresh and rich”.

We make only soy candles for these good reasons…

First, because the health of your family and friends is important. Most candles sold are made with paraffin wax, obtained from crude petroleum that releases toxins just as gasoline does. Soy wax burns 90% cleaner, without the toxins in paraffin, and soy wax comes from a renewable resource.

Soy candles last up to 30% longer than paraffin candles.

Soy candles have a lower melting point, so the wax pool around the wick is bigger. That’s why soy candles “throw” fragrances better, why you smell them more.

Soy wax is easier to clean. If you’ve ever tried to clean a paraffin wax spill from furniture or fabric, you know it’s impossible. Soy wax cleans easily with hot soapy water.

Why are handmade candles important to you?

The mass manufacture of candles requires using stiff wicks that stay straight until paraffin hardens. To keep wicks stiff, manufacturers permeate wicks with the same lead banned long ago from paints and gasoline. Not for us! We use hand-placed braided cotton wicks, and that requires our handmade process.

We invite you to try and enjoy our fragrances, knowing you’re being mindful about the health of your family and friends.

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Jennifer Mauldin, Founder & Fragrance Fanatic
Pure & Simple Soy Candles